In accordance with Article 320 of the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the Commission to conduct Examinations of candidates for appointment to the services in the State and to advise the Government on all matters relating to methods of recruitment to Civil Services, the principles to be followed in making such appointments and in effecting promotions and transfers from one service to another. The Commission is also to be consulted by the Government before taking of necessary final decision in respect of disciplinary matters concerning persons serving the State Government in a civil capacity. The Commission's advice is also to be sought regarding any claim filed by a government servant for payment of legal expanses incurred by him in defending himself in any legal proceedings instituted against him for acts done in execution of his duties as also on the award of compensation for injuries sustained by a Government Servant in his civil capacity.

As enumerated in sub clause 'C' of Clause 3 of Article 320 of the Constitution of India, the Commission is to be consulted on matters regarding imposition of penalties on Government Servants. The Commission was consulted on 4 occasions and the Commission, after examining all the cases, conveyed its views to the Government.